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September 2018 : Army upgrade to GraphicStation FastNAS system.

    A major conversion with the British Army to new GraphicStation severs and FastNAS systems has just been completed. FastNAS is the ideal storage platform for those interested in high performance NAS. FastNas is a high performance single unit with unique hybrid disk technology powered by the cutting edge CORE 3 operating system. Unlike other NAS products FastNAS is purpose built to sustain heavy workloads and provide stable and reliable performance for mixed OS (Mac, PC, Linux) workgroups while safe in the knowledge that critical assets are suitably protected.    FastNAS

August 2018 : AGX named as one of the UK's highest performing IT Support companies.

    AGX HOLDINGS LTD has been included in a report on high performing UK IT Support companies. The new Plimsoll Analysis has just been released, analysing, rating and valuing the UK’s top 1565 IT Support companies. The analysis is designed to help high performing companies to improve furter by giving them exclusive insight into key developments in the IT Support industry. Using the latest information available, this is the definitive guide to the industry and the key companies in it.    AGX

July 2018 : Further Avision sales to NHS Teaching Hospitals.

    AGX have continued our supply to NHS Teaching Hospitals of models from the Avison range. Avision designs, manufactures, and markets a complete range of quality, high performance scanners for multi-function usage. A trustworthy company committed to providing complete customer satisfaction, Avision continues to provide high-performance and innovative products for its worldwide customers.    Avision

June 2018 : LIFT-SP Version 4 is announced.

    To meet the needs of the forensic professional and in line with our commitment of improving quality, reliability and functionality of ours systems, AGX is pleased to announce LIFT-SP 4 : the next generation in our highly regarded LIFT-SP range of systems. LIFT-SP Version 4 is a new product that offers both improved software and hardware - particularly the new advanced digital comparator and super-fine or 600 dpi printing options which move the systems to the next level in productivity and quality. Along with several other improvements and new hardware options, the AGX LIFT-SP systems are designed to provide outstanding results.    LIFT-SP

May 2018 : AGX install the latest Rimage Catalyst System.

    Ideal for medium-volume requirements the Rimage Catalyst incorporates proven, durable components, air filtration innovations, new usability features, a small-footprint frame, and choice of printer. Catalyst is a best-in-class system that is unlike anything else in the market. Utilizing filtered positive airflow, the Rimage Catalyst series offers reliability in environments where dust or debris in the air would normally cripple sensitive robotic systems. Air for cooling is pulled into the system through a commonly available filter, driven by the system’s fan. This increases air pressure inside the system, preventing nearly all dust and dirt that would find its way inside    RIMAGE

April 2018 : Back to Basics.

    Whilst priding ourselves at AGX on being a “Leading Edge High Tech” company, we can also go back to basics when required. Although most forces are “going digital” many UK fingerprint experts still prefer using analogue comparator devices for some cases. As these devices have been well used over many years they can require regular cleaning. Following a request from the police AGX have initiated an analogue comparator cleaning and repair service. For more details please contact us.    AGX

March 2018 : UK Police invest further in the Everspry EverOS Scanner.

    Following on from the successes obtained by the Metropolitan Police, other UK police forces have begun to integrate the Everspry EverOS scanners into their Forensic Footwear departments. The rugged "stand on" scanners are designed to be used in custody suites to easily obtain a suspect's footwear outsole pattern. This can be analysed locally and then input into the Forces local shoeprint database or the UK National Footwear Database.    Everspry

February 2018 : AGX release the new TreadPrinter 6x14 footmark printer.

    The field of footmarks is becoming increasingly important to police forces around the world. Whilst AGX supply the EverOS ( or TreadMatcher ) scanners into the UK market we also look at other new and alternative technologies to compliment the current systems. Printing footwear marks has been an issue to some in this area, as standard photographic or A4 printers are not capable of the print sizes required. AGX have overcome this problem by releasing the TreadPrinter 6 x 14 inch footmark printer. Specifically aimed at the forensics market this printer gives photographic quality at the size required for 1:1 footmark printing.   

January 2018 : RIMAGE announces the new Producer V series.

    As the industry leader, Rimage defines the gold standard for on-demand digital publishing solutions, including digital asset management, disc publishing and printing. Rimage workflow-integrated systems produce CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Discs™ with customized content and durable colour or monochrome labels. With over 22.000 publishing systems installed globally, Rimage helps companies in a broad range of markets get the most from their digital assets.    RIMAGE

December 2017 : Mini Cube ( “The Micks” ) Police Duplicators.

    The AGX “Mick” continues its success as one of the leading forensic backup and archive devices for use in the field by government organisations and police forces. Further purchases confirm the Mini Cube Police Duplicatorat to be the forefront of technology for evidential copies. The “Mick” or Mini Cube Kit is a closed session Flash Media to CD/DVD duplicator providing efficient duplication of many formats with speed and accuracy whilst providing the advantage of portability.

November 2017 : Festive Media Sales.

    With the run up to Christmas and the new year celebrations , many event photographers and party venues have stocked up with media for their many different printing requirements. AGX whilst supplying printers and accessories , also offer media for the most common photographic printers at the most competitive pricing. Please contact us to check on the latest prices.

October 2017 : The latest PERENNITY / RIMAGE system installed.

    Perennity offers a turnkey solution for the medical industry to output medical images from any compliant modalities and PACS to CD, DVD & BluRay. Whilst dramatically reducing costs compared to traditional film, Perennity DICOM also acts as a genuine DICOM server and can store all medical images for subsequent analysis. Running on the RIMAGE CD/DVD autoloaders, it automates production and enables personalised media with a custom label including patient name and identifier, date and time, list of studies, etc. Pictures and logos can be added to the printout, even thumbnails of the DICOM images    Perennity

September 2017 : AGX become the Authorised UK Sales and Support partner for Avison.

    AGX Holdings Ltd have been chosen by Avision as their UK Sales and Support partner and we look forward to a successful future working together. Founded in April 1991, Avision designs, manufactures, and markets a complete range of quality, high performance scanners and key components for multi-function products. Through innovative product development, strategic partnerships and successful business models, Avision has become a leading supplier in the scanner industry.    Avision

August 2017 : Another DataCopy solution installed at UK police force.

    Following the successful use of the Rimage Forensic Pro54 for bulk disc reading within the UK police, a further force purchases the AGX DataCopy Solution. This system enables you to process up to 100 discs, automatically reading two discs at a time. It photographs them, creates a corresponding folder on your network/local hard drive and then copies the contents of the disc including the photo to this folder. For more information contact AGX.    Rimage