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August 2022 : Crime Scene Infared Blood Detection with VampIR-View.

    The latest in the range of VampIR systems is now under trail with a major UK police force .The VampIR View system is designed to be a quick and simple device to search for evidence in the IR wavebands. Especially useful for detecting the presence of blood against dark backgrounds, there is no need for the use of chemicals.  VampIR-View

July 2022 : Lift-SP 4 version 1.7 released.

    AGX is pleased to announce LIFT-SP 4 Version 1.7: the next generation in our highly regarded LIFT-SP range of systems. LIFT-SP 4 v1.7 now includes ... Image Processing Enhancements : Updated Comparison Reports : NIST import with 10 print auto-population : Enhanced GMCI Support : Casework Monitoring. For more information contact AGX or take a look here :  LIFT-SP4

June 2022 : RIMAGE launch the RX400 - The Medical USB Solution.

    The RX400 is a compact desktop device including integrated computer. Combined with Perennity DICOM Software this system can be easily integrated into your existing workflow. Patient sticks are produced easily and provide fast opening of data and high storage capacity. Once written the WORM data on the Rimage patient USBStick cannot be modified. This provides high security against virus and malware.    RX400

May 2022 : Global healthcare company invests in Microtek scanners.

    A well known global healthcare company continues its investment in Microtek Professional 9800XL scanners. The Microtek ScanMaker 9800XL Plus is an A3 scanner specifically designed for the professional who requires exceptional image quality. An optical dynamic range of 3.7 Dmax delivers accurate colour, superb shadows and with a true optical resolution of 1600 dpi scanning captures a tremendous amount of detail allowing scans to be printed perfectly.    Contact AGX

April 2022 : Lift-SP4 continues from strength to strength.

    With a major new version on the way and two major UK police forces upgrading, Lift-SP4 software continues to be the most commonly used Fingerprint software in the UK Police. Having been working and proven in Police Forensics for many years, its exceptional pedigree gives Police forces the confidence to invest further without the need for excessive expenditure. For more information please contact us.    Contact AGX

March 2022 : NHS continues to purchase APR Systems.

    With new software released, the AGX, Perennity, Rimage ( APR ) partnership continues to prove the standard in its market providing medical images from any DICOM PACS system to high quality CD or DVD. The latest upgrades provide state-of-the-art encryption options to fore fill customers’ requirements for Data Protection and GDPR. By utilizing the latest RIMAGE CD/DVD autoloaders we provide stable, automated production of encrypted, personalised media with a fully customized label.    Perrentiy DICOM

February 2022 : X-Mini Provides Fast ID and Passport Scanning.

    The X-Mini Simplifies Passport Scanning and Machine Readable Zone Data Extraction. With its powerful OCR function and Typist software it enables the reading and input of customers profile data more accurately than flatbed scanners. It takes approximately 1 second from scanning to displaying the data on screen. Supporting TD1/TD2/MRP/MRV document size scanning, the unit is completely compliant with international passports and other travel documents.    X-Mini

January 2022 : Army purchase additional GraphicStation FastNAS units

    Following on from previous purchases the British Army have invested in a number of new GraphicStation FastNAS systems. These units are the ideal storage platform for those with a requirement for high performance 10GB NAS. Supplied with unique hybrid disk technology and powered by the cutting edge CORE 4 operating system, FASTNAS is known for safe, secure, reliable, and incredibly FAST solutions. FastNAS Generation 2 is the best in class, with speeds up to 4000MB/s and unique technologies.    Contact AGX

December 2021 : Further MICK2 units supplied

    As sole supplier of the well-used and trusted AGX Cube - Police Duplicator range our “baby” of the range the MICK2 continues to sell to UK Police Forces. Th eMick2 provides a robust device, ideal for those who need to make evidential master copies in the field. Being the only device of its type available, our MICK2 is designed for use by CSI’s, Surveillance teams and video specialists who needs to burn data remotely    Contact AGX

November 2021 : Collatotor / Comparator - Halogen to LED

    After the recent demise of halogen lamps due to a ruling no longer allowing for their manufacture, AGX were requested to investigate an upgrade solution to LED lamps. After some devolvement work here, we have re- engineered a much used Collator system to use LED lamps. As such we can now make this upgrade available to all Police Forces. For more information please contact us.    Contact AGX

October 2021 : Microtek launch a new product

    Microtek launch a new product the ObjectScan 1600. The ObjectScan 1600 is characterized as an on-top scan model. This uniquely mechanistic design eliminates the risks from conventional up-side-down or vertically moving scanning systems. It incorporates a colour linear CCD with a resolution up to 1,600 pixels per inch, equalling that of 1GB. With a built-in 48-bit Analog to Digital Converter and a depth of field of +/- 6.5mm the whole object as well as details of surface textures can be precisely captured and presented in high fidelity format.    AGX-ObjectScan1600

Septemeber 2021 : AGX assigned Citizen Service Centre for Photo Printers in the UK.

    Citizen Systems Europe have assigned AGX Holdings Ltd to be their Regional Service Centre for the UK. AGX will be handling all hardware warranty and non-warranty repairs in the UK. This service will include the whole photo printer range : CZ-01, CY-02, CX-02, CX-02S, CX-02W and OP900II printers. CITIZEN - “We design our photo printers with one key consideration in mind: to meet the exact needs of our customers."    Citizen Photo Printers

August 2021 : AGX supply further EDS systems into the UK Police.

    The AGX “Evidence Disc System” is being used to archive UK Police case data onto Blu-Ray providing up to 50 to 100 year storage. This system can give Police forces the ability to create archival media with the specific storage requirements of the Police. With batched job control this unit can provide a suitable solution to an ever increasing and on-going problem. AGX are the sole supplier and support agent for the EDS system in the UK.    Contact AGX

July 2021 : Mitsubishi Electric Photo Technical Support.

    As AGX have been supplying and servicing Mitsubishi Electric Photo Printers for many years, we are proud to announce that as of July 2021 we have become the official warranty and service agents for these products in the UK. Following the announcement that Mitsubishi are halting the production of all of its products in both the photo and medical printing sectors, this gives customers the assurance of the continuation of high quality support over the forthcoming years.    Mitsubishi

June 2021 : LIFT-SP4 “Transfer” purchased by UK Police.

    Lift-SP4 continues to go from strength to strength with further UK Police forces purchasing the latest fingerprint and footmark software. With a proven track record, ISO validation, and now remote transmission, Lift-SP4 is the leading software for UK Fingerprint Bureaus. Being economical, scalable and available now, Lift-SP4 provides bureaus with a fully functional working software that’s includes Transfer for CSI, Capture for Chem labs and Expert ( including a fully working Digital Comparator ) for Bureau,    Contact AGX

May 2021 : Mobile Phone Fingerprint Imager starts operational acceptance testing.

    AGX announces its latest addition to the "Forensics Workspace", the MPFI. The Mobile Phone Fingerprint Imager ( MPFI ) has been specifically designed in the AGX workshops to produce images of finger-marks on mobile phones. Rather than just capturing viewable marks, the unit is capable of imaging even the faintest of marks not easily seen by eye. Following initial testing our first unit has been deployed to a large UK Police force for operational testing before the final development is completed. If you are interested in this please contact us here :    Contact AGX

April 2021 : Further LSP600 Finermark printers supplied.

    The AGX LSP600 Forensic Printer is the professional fingermark printer being used by many of the fingerprint bureaus throughout the UKs police forces. It provides a high quality print whilst being a robust tried and tested solution. With an optimised thermal head, the AGX LSP600 is the ONLY printer available that ensures high definition prints and the finest detail. Using roll-fed paper and ink it requires little time to be spent changing consumables and provides cost effective high quality fingermark prints.    LSP600

March 2021 : First SWORD USB Systems delivered into the UK.

    AGX are currently delivering the first "SWORD" USB Systems into UK Government sites. The AGX SWORD ( Secure, Write Once, Read Data ) devices provide the ability to easily distribute or store larger amounts of data than ever before, both safely and securely. Utilising the latest in USB media technology and 256 bit high security encryption SWORD produces securely encrypted, write once, read many, label printed, USB media. No loss of data, alteration or content infection.    SWORD

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